How to Make a Limbo Stick

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Things You'll Need

  • Long, empty cardboard roll formerly used for wrapping paper

  • 2 rolls of crepe-paper streamers, each in a different color

  • Tape

  • Scissors

  • Shiny gold ribbon

Use the cardboard roll in wrapping paper to make a limbo stick.

The limbo is also called the "under stick dance." Party goers dance to tropical music and try to wiggle under a stick while facing forward and bending backward. Two people hold the stick horizontally on either end in a rather low-to-the-ground position. The goal of the limbo dancer is to get under the stick without touching it. Each time the limbo dancer successfully gets under the stick, the stick is lowered even closer to the ground, until the limbo dancer can no longer get under it and falls down. You can create your own one-of-a-kind limbo stick to try limbo dancing with your friends.


Step 1

Wrap the first color of streamer around the empty cardboard roll and cover it completely.

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Step 2

Tape the ends of the streamer securely to the cardboard roll and tear off any excess pieces of the streamer.


Step 3

Cut two 12-inch pieces of gold ribbon and set them aside.

Step 4

Cut six 12-inch pieces of each color of streamer. Take three pieces of each color streamer and hold them together in a bunch by the ends. Place the ends onto one end of the cardboard roll.


Step 5

Secure the streamers in place by wrapping them around the cardboard roll several times. Tie one gold ribbon around the streamers and the cardboard roll. Repeat this process to the other end of the cardboard roll using the remaining pieces of streamer.


If you want a longer limbo stick, use a long, wooden dowel and adorn it with streamers and ribbon.


Keep the flammable limbo stick away from open flames.



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