How to Make Your Own Superhero Logo

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencils

  • Color pencils

  • Sketchpad

A superhero's logo is one of the most identifiable aspects of a superhero. Batman's bat emblem, Superman's big "S" and Green Lantern's power ring are all logos that make these heroes and their uniforms such a big part of our culture. Creating a logo for your superhero should entail giving some thought to several variations before you decide on the emblem that will make your superhero stand out with the classic heroes.


Step 1

Sketch a few ideas. Think about the powers your superhero has. Think about the key personality traits of your superhero. Try variations on the overall theme. If your hero has the ability to control electricity, including a lightning bolt in the logo is a logical starting place. That doesn't mean you need to draw a common lightning bolt. Try incorporating the design into your superhero's name. If you have a hero called Voltage Man, you might try drawing the letters "V" and "M" in the logo in lightning bolt style.

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Step 2

Sketch your hero in full costume to get an idea how the logo will look with his costume. Decide whether you want to put the logo on the front of the costume or on a mask. If your hero wears a cape, try placing the logo on the back of the cape. Try your logo with and without borders to see what looks better. The logo should stand out on the costume but not in such a way that it's distracting.


Step 3

Select colors for your superhero logo. Do a couple of color combinations of the logo to see how it will look. Choose colors that go with the personality of your superhero. If your hero is dark, try using darker colors. In the case of Voltage Man, you might want to incorporate black and silver, with silver representing the lightning.


Step 4

Make a three-dimensional version of your logo, either as a stand-alone piece or as something that can be adhered to a costume or weapon. This can be done by gluing construction paper cut-outs together, molding clay or using craft foam. Select raw materials that match the color, texture and style of your superhero. For instance, Voltage Man's lightning bolt may be a piece of craft foam covered in aluminum foil for a sleek silver appearance and then affixed to the front of his costume.


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