How to Cut Foam With a Cricut

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Things You'll Need

  • Craft foam

  • Scissors

  • Cricut cutting mat

  • Cricut cartridge

  • Cricut die-cutting machine

Craft foam is an inexpensive material sold in thin sheets or pre-cut shapes. It is usually used by children, but craft foam can also be used to dress up more adult craft projects such as scrapbook pages and homemade cards. Rather than hand-cutting craft foam shapes yourself, use your Cricut die-cutting machine to get crisp, uniform shapes and letters from the foam that will add color and dimension to any project


Step 1

Cut your sheet of craft foam to fit on the cutting mat.

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Step 2

Place the foam on the mat, lining up the bottom left hand corner of the foam with the bottom left hand corner of the mat. Press the foam down onto the mat, rubbing the foam until it is securely attached to the cutting mat.

Step 3

Put the cartridge into the machine and place the key overlay over the keypad on the machine. Turn the machine on.

Step 4

Place the mat at the opening of the machine and press the "Load Paper" button.


Step 5

Select the image that you would like to cut from the keypad. Select the size that you would like to cut the image using the size dial. Simple shapes, such as circles or squares, can be cut at smaller sizes, but more intricate shapes should be cut at a large size, such as 3 inches or larger, depending on the design.


Step 6

Set the blade depth at 6, the pressure at the second-highest setting and the speed at medium.

Step 7

Press the "Cut" button and wait for the image to finish cutting.

Step 8

Hit the "Unload Paper" button and remove the mat from the machine. Peel the image off of the mat.


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