How to Make Pockets in Gym Shorts

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Have you have ever wished for a pocket in your gym shorts where you can put your keys, wallet, phone, small change, or other small personal items? You could trash the old pocket-less pair for new shorts with pockets, but you don't have to. Making pockets for your gym shorts is faster and easier than it may seem.


Things You'll Need

  • Material

  • Sewing needle

  • Thread

  • Paper

  • Pencil

Step 1

Take another item of your clothing that has pockets. Measure the pocket opening.

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Step 2

Turn the clothing inside out (if necessary) and use the pencil to trace the pocket size against the piece of paper. Decide whether this is really the size you want. If not, modify the opening and pocket size to suit your desire.


Step 3

Cut out two pieces of material for each pocket you'll be making, using the paper tracing as a pattern. Sew three sizes of the material together, leaving an opening at the top, just as with the pocket you measured.

Step 4

Cut a hole in your shorts for each pocket you want to make. Consider the placement before cutting. The hole should match the measurements you took in Step 1.

Step 5

Turn your shorts inside out and sew the pocket you made into the pocket opening you cut. Do this for each new pocket you want to make.


Choose a material for the new pockets that is similar to what your gym shorts are made of.


Double-check all measurements before continuing, or you might not be happy with the result.


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