How to Keep White Starch Streaks From Pants

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How to Keep White Starch Streaks From Pants
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  1. Aerosol Starch
  2. Concentrated liquid starch
  3. Iron
  4. Towel
  5. Water
  6. Ironing Board


The care you put into the way you look speaks volumes about who you are. First impressions are often built on the way you dress and this can translate to many positive or negative areas in your business, personal, and public life. Ironing your clothes can give you a detailed and neat appearance. Starching your pants correctly without leaving streaks and white stuff on the pants can also help to amplify creases as well as protect them from stains.

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Step 1: Select Starch for Ironing

Choose the type of starch you will use. There are two basic types of starches that can be used for ironing your pants: aerosol and concentrated liquid starch. Both types are highly effective in giving the results you want while avoiding leaving white streaks if used with care. Aerosol spray starch for ironing has a tendency to foam up when sprayed because liquid mixes with the air while concentrated liquid starch provides for better coating. Using a light aerosol starch or less concentrated starch will help lower your chances of streaking.


Step 2: Prepare and Dilute Starch

Dilute concentrated liquid starch before using it. Aerosol starch is convenient in this way because there is no need to dilute. Simple half water to half starch ratio should suffice with most concentrated liquid starches. Add more water if you want a lighter starch ratio for your pants.

Step 3: Set Up Iron

Set up your ironing station. Place a clean towel over your ironing board to protect it from starch buildup. Allow your iron to warm fully on a medium to a medium-high setting. If you are using a concentrated starch solution, pour it into a clean spray bottle.


Step 4: Evenly Spray Pants With Starch

Saturate your pants with the starch solution evenly. Aerosol sprays should be shaken thoroughly for even spray about six to eight inches away from your pants. In the event that you aren't sure how much to use, lean to the side of caution by spraying it on lightly. Spray on the starch using controlled strokes in an even sweeping motion. This will prevent clumping or buildup that will cause streaks.


Step 5: Soak Pants in Starch

Allow the starch time to sit on the garment. Another key to avoiding starch streaks on your pants is to allow the starch to fully soak into your pants before ironing. If the starch isn't evenly applied and isn't allowed to soak in for long enough it will have a tendency to streak and flake away. Use your hand or a towel to physically smooth in starch further or pat excess starch away.


Step 6: Iron the Garment

If your iron leaves a white residue, you may need to adjust the temperature to an appropriate setting. Use light pressure when pressing your pants with fluid yet slow strokes. Even if it takes longer to iron your pants, using a lower setting will help avoid streaks. An overly hot iron will "burn" starch and cause it to streak and turn white. Using a lower setting will help you avoid this result.


Spraying your pants and allowing them to hang for an hour or until nearly dry before ironing can be a good way to ensure no streaking.



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