How to Make Paper Soap

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Things You'll Need

  • Soap bar

  • Wire cheese slicer

  • Cutting board

  • Wax paper

  • Brownie or cake bake pans

  • Knife

  • Glass bowl

  • Pan

  • Water

  • Oven

  • Straight-edged scissors

  • Speed peeler (optional)

  • Decorative scissors (optional)

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Many people use paper soap—paper-thin soap sheets—as an alternative to bar and/or liquid soap. Paper soap is not only easy to carry, store and use (especially for travel), but quickly dissolves in water without leaving behind residual soap scum in a soap dish or on a sink as typically seen with wet soap bars or dripping soap dispensers. Although you can find several paper soap products in stores or online, you can easily make your own paper soap at home with the use your favorite soap brands and a few kitchen items.


Slicing Method

Step 1

Lift the handle of the wire slicer.

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Step 2

Place your soap bar on the cutting board and then align it under the wire as you would a block of cheese.


Step 3

Pull the handle down and slice through the end of the soap bar. Set the first paper-thin soap sheet aside and then repeat as needed to make additional sheets of paper soap.

Pouring Method

Step 1

Line your pans with wax paper.


Step 2

Cut your soap bar into 1/2-inch blocks and place the blocks in a large glass bowl.

Step 3

Create a double boiler and then melt the soap. Fill a small pot with water and place it on a burner. Put the glass bowl on top of the pot so that it sits on the rim of the mouth of the pot, turn on the burner and then wait for the generated steam to melt the soap.


Step 4

Pour the melted soap into your brownie or cake pans to coat the wax sheets with a paper-thin film about 1/2 mm thick.

Step 5

Wait for the soap to cool. Peel the soap carefully from the wax paper and cut it into palm-sized (or smaller) sheets using straight-edged scissors to make a stack of paper soap.


If you don’t mind having irregularly shaped paper soap sheets, cut paper-thin sheets from a soap bar using a handheld speed peeler.

If you want to make paper soap with special edges, cut the soap using the decorative scissors or "decorative paper edgers" typically used in paper crafts such as scrapbooking.


Never melt soap blocks in a microwave as the oils in the soap can bubble and explode out of the glass bowl, potentially causing damage to the interior of your microwave.



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