How to Make a Teddy Bear Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Brown fleece sweat pants

  • Brown hooded fleece sweat shirt

  • Brown pompom

  • Glue gun and glue

  • Tan felt about the size of the front of your sweat shirt

  • 8-by-10 inch piece of tan felt about

  • Brown socks or fuzzy slippers

  • Brown mittens

  • Scissors

  • 8-by-8 inch piece of stiff cardboard

  • Red face paint

  • Brown fabric marker

  • Plastic headband

  • Needle and thread

  • 2-inch ribbon long enough to tie around neck in a bow

Add a hat to your teddy bear.

For quick, comfortable Halloween costume for kids or adults, this teddy bear costume could be just the thing. With minimal sewing skills, a trip to a novelty shop, and through your own closet, you can be a cute, funny teddy bear in the a matter of minutes. You can dress up your teddy bear costume with a t-shirt, a vest or a hat.



Step 1

With a fabric marker, draw an oval on the tan felt that is big enough to cover most of the front of shirt.

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Step 2

Cut oval out and glue to front of shirt. Save scrap pieces for ears.

Step 3

Glue pompom to back of sweat pants for the teddy bear's tail.


Step 1

Draw ears onto card board. Add an inch-wide tab at base of ears. Cut them out.


Step 2

Use cardboard ears as pattern to make six felt ears; four brown and two tan. Cut them out

Step 3

Glue brown felt ears to one side of cardboard ear and tan on the other side. Draw a smaller ear shape onto other two brown felt ears. Cut the smaller ear out. Glue outer circle onto the tan side of ear, so you have brown on the outside and tan on the inside.


Step 4

Fold bottom inch of ear, making a tab. Glue tab to head band.

Step 5

Cut slits in top of sweat shirt hood where the bear's ears should be. Insert the ears through slits in hood. Sew head band into hood.


Finishing Touches

Step 1

Tie a ribbon around neck in a bow .

Step 2

Paint your nose black.

Step 3

Put on brown socks and mittens for the teddy bear paws.


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