How to Adjust the Feed Rate on a Harman Pellet Stove for Minimal Waste

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Feeding pellets into a pellet stove at the correct rate saves fuel

The feed adjuster on a Harmon pellet stove determines the feed rate of the pellets into the combustion chamber of the stove. If the feed rate is set too high, partially burned pellets will be pushed off the end of the burn pot, wasting fuel. The stove may also smoke. If the feed rate is set too low, the stove will not generate enough heat.


Step 1

Find the feed adjuster. It is below the stove temperature dial.

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Step 2

Turn the feed adjuster in a clockwise direction until it stops.

Step 3

Adjust the feed rate by turning the feed adjuster in a counterclockwise direction. Each full turn of the feed adjuster increases the feed rate. The feed adjuster may be turned to a fraction of a turn, allowing for precise adjustment. To start, turn the feed adjuster back five turns. If the feed adjuster has a knob, set it to "3."


Step 4

Let the fire burn for a while, then measure the amount of ash in front of the fire. If there is 1 inch of ash when the stove is set on "high," the feed adjuster is set correctly.

Step 5

Determine where the feed adjuster needs to be set to produce 1 inch of ash, then back off from that rate a little unless you need the stove to operate at full output. Your stove will now burn fuel efficiently, with as little waste as possible.

Step 6

Recalibrate the feed adjuster when you change the type or brand of fuel you are burning.

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