How to Make a Good Cut-Off Shirt

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T-shirts come in all sizes and colors and sometimes, in order for them to maintain their relevance in your wardrobe, a little fashion surgery is required. Perhaps to keep the outdated tee in your closet, it has been banished from regular wear and relegated to workout apparel. Now in order to make it truly comfortable while you are breaking a sweat, you just need to remove the sleeves.


Things You'll Need

  • T-shirt

  • Marker

  • Scissors

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Step 1

Turn your t-shirt inside-out and lay it on a clean, flat surface.

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Step 2

Using the marker, draw the line for the new armhole that you would like to have, starting approximately at the halfway point between the neck seam and the shoulder seam. Try to give the line a similar curve as the existing sleeve seam, but the line should be a little longer, depending on how big you want the new armhole to be.


Step 3

Using the scissors, cut along the line you marked.


Step 4

Fold the t-shirt in half, matching up either end of the neck seam.


Step 5

Cut the other side of the t-shirt, using the first armhole you cut as a guide. You now have a new cut-off shirt.


Be careful when cutting the armholes, and if you aren't sure how big you would like the armholes to be, keep them smaller. You can always cut more fabric off, but it's harder to sew more on.



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