How to Clean Water Stains From UGG Boots

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UGG boots are comfy, warm and casually cool, but one major drawback of the popular footwear is that they're easily stained and damaged by water. Stepping in a puddle, spilling a drink or getting caught in the rain while wearing them all have the potential to ruin the look of UGG boots.


Even after they've dried, water-damaged UGGs often show discolored splotches and flaws in the natural sheepskin pile, which make the boots look worn out well before their time. Fortunately, there are several ways to successfully clean water stains from sheepskin boots and restore water-damaged UGGs.

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How to Remove Spots on Water-Damaged UGGs

Are you noticing water spots on your UGGs? Follow these steps to remove visible water damage on your boots.



This method works best for UGG boots that have light water damage.

1. Rub suede on suede

For light water stains, try rubbing another part of the sheepskin against the water spot. Do this by folding over a flexible part of the boot or by using the other boot to gently rub the spot and the area around it. Examine the results; this method might be sufficient to remove visible water marks. If this doesn't work, use the following instructions to remove water stains.


2. Use chalk for tougher water stains

For tougher water stains, rub a stick of white chalk over the water mark, covering it completely with the chalk. Don't be afraid to go overboard — the chalk is easily removable. Leave the boot undisturbed overnight to allow the chalk to absorb the water on your UGGs.


3. Brush off the chalk

In the morning, use a suede brush or an old toothbrush to gently brush away the chalk. Use a firmer brushing action to get out the last traces of chalk and to buff the suede and lift its pile.


4. Repeat if needed

Examine the results and repeat the entire process if there are still visible water marks on your UGG boots.


How to Surface-Clean Water-Damaged UGGs

If you still have water spots or water damage all over your pair of UGG boots, they will need a more thorough cleaning.


1. Choose a cleaning product

Select your choice of commercial suede cleaner, a clear and gentle dish or laundry soap or a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water. You'll also need a microfiber cloth, another soft cloth or a sponge. Look for products labeled as "gentle" or safe for suede.


2. Lightly dampen the boots

Spray the boots all over with cold (never warm or hot) water so that they're damp but not soaking wet. They shouldn't be dripping with water.

3. Apply the cleanser

Apply a tiny (the size of a dime or smaller) spot of your chosen cleanser to the cloth or sponge and rub it evenly into the exterior surface of the boots. If you're using a commercial suede cleaner, check the label and follow the manufacturer's instructions to get the best results.

4. Rinse with water

Rinse the cloth or sponge with plain cold water and wipe down the boots to remove the cleanser. You should have no leftover cleanser on the boots, but the boots will likely be damp from the water.

5. Repeat if needed

If water spots or discoloration remain after this deep cleaning, repeat it one or more times until you see an improvement.


How to Dry and Restore UGG Boots

Whether you spot-cleaned or fully surface-cleaned your UGG boots, it's important to dry them correctly.

1. Stuff the boots

After a full surface cleaning, stuff the boots with hand towels, rolled-up paper, or paper towels, which will help them keep their correct shape. Unsure what to put in them? Grab an old newspaper from your recycling bin and roll it up. Just make sure that whatever you use to stuff the boots is relatively clean and dry (i.e. no sticky residue that could transfer to the boots).

2. Leave the boots to dry

Leave the boots undisturbed until they're fully dry, which might take a full day or more. Never use heat or expose the boots to direct sunlight. Simply place them in a well-ventilated space away from sunlight, like a garage or even in your bedroom. Set them on a towel to soak up any excess water that may drip off.

3. Restore the nap

Make the boots look their best again with a final all-over brushing. Use a suede brush or old toothbrush and gently buff the suede exterior of the boots all over. This raises the nap of the sheepskin and restores the even coloring of the boots.

4. Prevent future water damage

Apply a water-repellent spray to prevent future water damage to your UGGs. Look for products specifically designed for suede or sheepskin and follow the manufacturer's instructions for application. This will generally involve spraying the exterior of the boots in a well-ventilated area and allowing the product to dry.

5. Reapply for upkeep

Reapply the product periodically to keep your UGG boots as water-resistant as possible.


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