Easy Ways to Get Water Stains Out of Suede

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Suede is soft, supple and flexible, but it does have a few drawbacks. Most notably, its napped surface can be hard to clean. Water damage, in particular, is immediately apparent on suede -- you'll notice dark spots and a surface that feels stiffer and less supple. Removing water stains is essential to improving the look and texture of your suede garments, shoes or handbag.


Brush the Stains Away

If you have a suede garment or accessory that you love, a suede brush is must. A suede brush can spot treat stains with its soft bristles and easy-to-handle wooden base. Before your water spots dry, gently brush them away. Place the suede shoe or garment on a soft surface -- either stuff shoes with newspaper or place a clean towel inside the lining of a jacket. Then, gently rub the spot with the brush in one direction until the stain disappears.


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If your suede garment got hit with more than just water, make sure it's clean before brushing it. Wipe away any dirt or mud with a soft, dry cloth before taking care of those unsightly water spots.

Add Some Water

It might seem counterintuitive, but water can help you remove any dried water spots on suede. Dampen a clean cloth with water, and gently dab the damp cloth onto the existing stains. Or, use a spray bottle to spritz a light layer of water on the suede.


Use the same method with the suede brush to brush away the stains. Repeat this process until the water spots dissipate. Let the suede dry fully before adding more water. Let your freshly cleaned suede garment or shoes dry completely before wearing them. Fill your suede shoes with stretchers or newspapers so they maintain their shape while they dry.



If you don't have a suede brush, use a clean, damp kitchen sponge to erase the water spots.

Preventing Water Damage

Once you've recovered your suede garment, protect it. Suede protector sprays feature water- and oil-resistant formulas. Your favorite suede accessory will have an invisible protective shield, which means you can rock that suede look no matter the forecast.



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