How to Find the Fuel Filter in a Yardman Lawn Mower


When your Yardman lawn mower isn't running the greatest and keeps dying like it isn't getting gas to the engine, then it is a safe bet that the carburetor needs cleaning or the fuel filter needs replacing as it is clogged. The fuel filter for a Yardman lawn mower will cost you under $5, so it is a cheap replacement and fix to your mower gas troubles either way.

Step 1

Locate the gas tank on your Yardman lawn mower.

Step 2

Look under the gas tank for the gas line connected to the base of it.

Step 3

Follow the gas line to the side of the carburetor. In the center of the gas line, the fuel filter will be clamped into place.

Step 4

Squeeze and slide the clamps away from the fuel filter. Pull out the fuel filter from the center of the gas line.