How to Cut Grass With a Weed Whacker

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Things You'll Need

  • Owner's manual

  • Gas or other power source

  • Protective clothing

If you don't have a lawn mower, you can use a weed whacker instead.

Weed whackers are also known as line trimmers, strimmers or weed eaters. These lawn care tools consist of a motorized trimmer made from a flexible nylon line rather than the blades of a lawn mower. While a lawn mower is easier to use for trimming a large amount of grass, you can also use a weed whacker to cut down the grass. It takes a steady hand, but if you can keep the weed whacker level, you can get excellent results.

Step 1

Wait for a sunny afternoon. This will ensure that dew and moisture have evaporated from the grass, making it easier to cut the grass. Wet grass can clog up a trimmer, gumming up the cutting edge and restricting movement of the mechanism.

Step 2

Review your weed whacker owner's manual to understand how the machine works and what common problems may occur during its use.

Step 3

Dress for safety. You should wear eye protection in case flying debris hits you in the face. Long sleeves and long pants can also protect your body from debris. You should wear heavy, closed-toe shoes to prevent injuries to your feet in the event you accidentally brush the weed whacker against your feet. If the lawn is very large, you should also wear ear protection to prevent hearing loss over time.

Step 4

Survey the lawn. Remove any large rocks, toys or other items that could get in the way when you mow.

Step 5

Ensure the weed whacker is fueled. Gas should be added to gas-powered trimmers when the engine is cold. Other mowers may be powered by batteries or extension cords hooked up to an outlet.

Step 6

Check the trimmer line. The nylon lines that cut the grass can break down over time, so make sure they are in good shape and replace any that are broken or worn.

Step 7

Start the weed whacker according to the instructions in the owner's manual.

Step 8

Operate the weed whacker by moving it in slow, sweeping motions from side to side. Work until all the grass is cut, making sure to keep the trimmer at a constant distance from the ground so that your lawn looks even. Do not trim down to the soil level, as this can tear up the grass roots and damage the trimmer.

Step 9

Turn off the weed whacker and clean off the grass that has collected on the grass guard. Remove the spark plug prior to doing this for safety.