How to Get Rid of Yard Moles With Carbide

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Things You'll Need

  • Calcium carbide crystals

  • Thick garden gloves

Kill your mole problem using calcium carbide.

While moles may appear to look innocent, they're actually detrimental to lawns and gardens. They're burrowing creatures, so they dig tunnels beneath the earth, which causes mounds and hills to appear in lawn areas. These mounds and hills don't just look bad, they're also harmful to the grass because they disrupt the root system. There are several ways to kill moles, including traps, smoke bombs and poisons. One of these poisons is called calcium carbide.


Step 1

Locate the newest mole tunnel in your yard. One way to do this is by stomping out all the mole tunnels in one day. Return to your yard early the following morning, and locate any new tunnels. These are the freshest mole tunnels.

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Step 2

Locate the mounds that sit on either end of the tunnel. Clear away all dirt on top of the mounds to expose the mole hole.

Step 3

Put on a thick pair of garden gloves.

Step 4

Insert a few calcium carbide crystals into the mole hole. Cover the hole up immediately with dirt and leave the area. The crystals will turn into a gas, filling the mole tunnels.

Step 5

Repeat the process, as necessary, until your mole problem ceases.


Never touch calcium carbide with your bare skin. It can cause temporary or permanent damage.

Calcium carbide creates a toxic gas. Leave the yard immediately after dropping the crystals into the ground.


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