How to Use Diapers to Make a Giraffe

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Things You'll Need

  • 20 disposable newborn diapers

  • White rubber bands

  • Packing tape

  • Six baby booties

  • Wiggle eyes

  • 3 washcloths

  • Pipe cleaner

  • Craft pom-poms

  • Hair clip

  • Baby bib

  • Pacifier

  • Ribbon

Rolled diapers can become a giraffe for a baby shower.

Diaper cakes have been a successful hit at baby showers, and it's fun to expand on this idea and create animals made from rolled diapers. In particular, you can make a giraffe in less than an hour, if you have the proper baby supplies. Make a giraffe that suits any baby shower theme by choosing the right colors and using the right combination of diapers and supplies. It's a gift that will give mother and child alike years of pleasure.


Step 1

Start from the open end of the diaper and roll it toward the closed end. You don't need to open the diapers; just roll them into a cylinder shape.

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Step 2

Place a white rubber band around each diaper. This prevents the diaper from unraveling.


Step 3

Stack three rolled diapers on top of each other. Use tape to secure them together by placing it on each end of each diaper. This makes one of your giraffe's legs. Make three more of these with three diapers stacked for each leg.

Step 4

Connect the legs together with four diapers. These diapers will lay horizontally and will make a square shape once connected. Tape the four horizontal diapers together, and then attach each leg with tape to each corner of the connected horizontal diapers.


Step 5

Fit booties on the bottom of each leg to represent the feet of your diaper giraffe.

Step 6

Tape three rolled diapers on top of each other vertically in the same way you made each of the giraffe's legs. They represent the neck.


Step 7

Roll a washcloth and tape it the bottom end of the neck. Make a cylinder shape, then use a rubber band to keep it from coming undone. Tape the bottom end of the washcloth to the neck. Place a booty over the washcloth. This forms the giraffe's nose.

Step 8

Place another washcloth into the center of the washcloth that you taped onto the giraffe. The washcloth will be visible from the back end of the giraffe. Push the washcloth into the center, and then pull the ends out and place them over the sides of the giraffe's head to form ears.


Step 9

Roll a third washcloth. Tape it to the back of the giraffe's body to make a tail. Wrap a baby booty around the rolled washcloth to finish the tail.

Step 10

Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Glue two craft pom-poms to the end of the pipe cleaners. Bend the bottom of the pipe cleaners down by 1 inch, and attach them with a hair clip to the giraffe's head where the bootie ends.


Step 11

Add a bib around the neck. This covers the body of the giraffe. Tie a piece of ribbon around the neck, and then tie a pacifier to the end. Place the wiggly eyes onto the face of the giraffe above the nose.


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