How to Knit Using a Knitting Loom

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Things You'll Need

  • Knitting loom

  • Yarn

  • Knitting tool

In loom knitting, a loom replaces the knitting needles.

Knitting looms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from round plastic ones to wooden planks. Every knitting loom is composed of a base with pegs sticking out of one side; these pegs work like knitting needles and hold the stitches of your loom-knitted garments. With a little bit of yarn, a knitting tool and a loom, you can knit a variety of projects.


Step 1

Wrap your loom to prepare it for knitting. Your loom should have an anchor peg; this will be a single peg sticking out of the side of the loom. Leave a 3-inch tail of yarn, and wrap your yarn around this anchor peg. Then, working in a clockwise direction, wrap your yarn around each of the pegs in the loom, starting with the one immediately to the right of the anchor peg (holding the anchor peg in the 12 o'clock position). In order to wrap your yarn around the pegs, loop the yarn in a counterclockwise direction as if you were writing a lowercase letter "e" with the yarn. Loop the yarn around every peg in the loom, wrapping counterclockwise but working clockwise.

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Step 2

Repeat step 1 for two more rounds of wrapping. Now your loom pegs should each have three loops of yarn wrapped on them. Wrap the yarn around the anchor peg a few times to secure it, then let go of the working yarn.

Step 3

Use your knitting tool to begin knitting. The knitting tool is a long piece of metal with a hook on the end, similar to a crochet hook. Use this to lift the bottom loop of yarn from the outside of your first peg, and then bring it up and over the peg, dropping it down on the inside of the loom. Repeat this for every peg around the loom, working in a clockwise direction.


Step 4

Unwrap the yarn from the anchor peg, and wrap each peg one more time. Then repeat step 3 to knit another round of stitches. Continue to wrap and stitch until your piece is the desired size.


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