How to Tie Jewelry Wire

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Things You'll Need

  • Jewelry wire (thin, flexible wire)

  • 2 crimp bead covers

  • 2 crimp beads

  • 2 jump rings

  • Jewelry clasp

  • Wire cutters

  • Crimping pliers

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • Beads

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There are many methods for finishing homemade bracelets and necklaces and attaching jewelry wire to clasps. One of the easiest involves tying the jewelry wire and covering the knot with a crimp bead cover. With flexible beading wire, you can tie the jewelry wire into a knot that will hold securely. Using crimp beads and covers, you can ensure that your finished piece will be just as attractive and sturdy as manufactured pieces with clasps.


Step 1

Cut the jewelry wire so it is approximately 5 inches longer than the desired finished length of your jewelry piece.

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Step 2

Tie an overhand knot in one end of the jewelry knot. Position the knot at least 2 inches from the end of the wire and pull it tight.

Step 3

Position a crimp bead cover over the knot so the opening of the bead cover sits over the knot. The tail of the jewelry wire and the length of the jewelry wire will extend down from the opening (hinge) of the bead cover.

Step 4

Squeeze the opening of the bead cover around the knot using the crimping pliers. Squeeze until the bead cover is flat over the knot and will hold the knot tightly.


Step 5

String a crimp bead over the long piece of jewelry wire extending from the bead cover. Push the crimp bead down toward the bead cover and when you reach the short tail of jewelry wire, push the crimp bead over the tail also (the crimp bead will be around both wires). Push the crimp bead along until it is snug against the crimped bead cover. Crimp the bead with the crimping pliers to squeeze it flat around the wires.


Step 6

Add beads onto the long wire and push the beads down to sit snugly against the crimped bead. Hide the short tail inside the beads as you string them.

Step 7

String the remaining beads on the jewelry wire, stringing until you have approximately 2 inches of jewelry wire on the other side of the bracelet or necklace.


Step 8

Place a crimp bead onto the jewelry wire.

Step 9

Tie a knot at the other end of the jewelry wire and insert the short tail of jewelry wire through the uncrimped bead and at least the three closest beads to hide the tail. Pull the wire taut.


Step 10

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add and crimp the second crimp bead cover. Crimp the crimp bead next to the crimp bead cover also.

Step 11

Add a jump ring to the open end of each crimp bead cover and close the loops of the crimp bead covers with the needle-nose pliers.

Step 12

Open the jump rings with the pliers and add half of the clasp to each end of the jewelry piece. Close the jump rings to finish.


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