How to Sew Hippie Clothes

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Things You'll Need

  • Fabric

  • Trim (braids, iron-ons, patches, etc.)

  • Sketch pad

  • Ruler/pencil/erasers

  • Pattern

  • Pattern paper

  • Iron

  • Tape measure

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Patchwork, fringe, peace signs, floral braids, paisley patterns and tie-dye produce a quick mental picture of everything hippie. The eccentric mix and match of off-beat prints and patterns make perfect sense once sewn together. By giving in to your inner hippie, selecting the garment you want to sew, such as a vest, blouse, dress or pant, you can assemble your own patterns, relax and sew your wearable art.


Step 1

Select the garment you want to design and sew. Hippie attire is known for its wearable art quality, so think creatively when designing and sketching your garment. Your project fabric will not dictate the type of garment for your design. For example, when assembling a patchwork, mix different fabric types together such as solid corduroy, suede, velour or twill with paisley or floral prints. Gather your fabric swatches and trims and begin sketching your design.

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Step 2

Make your paper pattern. You can opt to purchase a pre-made paper pattern that closely resembles your design. For example, if you are making a dress or skirt, you can adjust a pre-made pattern sweep and add an eyelet trim.

Trace your pre-made patterns onto pattern paper and keep your original pattern for future projects. Adjust your patterns according to your design. Incorporate trims such as floral braids, ribbons, eyelet or novelty borders. Notch your pattern for placement. Although notches are generally used to line up fabric, you can also use them as a pattern reminder and to mark your trim placement.


Step 3

Pin and cut your pattern pieces. If your design includes patches, embroidery, appliques or tie-dye, treat your pieces individually prior to construction. For example, add fusible if needed to your novelty add-ons, attach braids, fringe and/or trims as well as sew any patchwork inserts as a fabric panel prior to cutting your pattern.


Step 4

Pin your fabric pattern pieces. Try on your dress form for fit. You can opt to add a hand or machine basting stitch throughout your fabric pieces and carefully try on. Make any necessary pattern and fit adjustments.

Step 5

Sew and fully construct your garment. Add any further embellishments. Add your hippie wearable art to your wardrobe by mixing your new pieces as accents with your everyday attire.


Research hippie websites for style ideas, trims and design concepts.


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