How to Make a Dragonfly Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • 18 feet of 14-gauge wire

  • Duct tape

  • 2 white queen-size pantyhose

  • Scissors

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Pencil

  • 24" x 4" section of cardboard

  • Ruler

  • Hot glue

  • Glue gun

  • Ice pick

  • 1 yard leather cord

  • White glitter spray paint

  • Silver glitter

  • 1 nude A size pantyhose

  • Cotton fiber fill

  • 1 skein of yarn, any color

  • Green glitter spray paint

Dragonfly costumes should draw inspiration from this beautiful insect.
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Become the embodiment of nature's beauty by wearing an easy-to-make dragonfly costume. A dragonfly's wings and body are simple to create but are exquisitely stunning when worn with a shift dress or tunic and tights. The wings can be made in a single afternoon. This simple pattern can be easily adapted to suit any costume size, adult or child. You can unleash your inner artist and customize this costume with your own personal touch by using your favorite color scheme.


Dragonfly Wings

Step 1

Cut the 14-gauge wire into two 9-foot sections. One section of wire will make two wings. Cross the first section of wire to make one large infinity loop. This is the foundation layer of the first set of dragonfly wings.

Step 2

Tape the wire together in the center. Continue to loop the wire until all of the 9-foot section of wire has been used.

Step 3

Press the ends of the wire loop together until they are slightly pointed on each end. Add more duct tape to the center of the wings and then cover the wings with duct tape. Make the second set of wings following the same procedure.


Step 4

Cut away the leg portions of both pairs of white queen-size pantyhose. Set the underwear sections aside.

Step 5

Cover each wing with one leg-section of pantyhose. Stretch the hose over the wing and sew it in place at the center of the wing. Cut away any extra fabric.

Step 6

Set the rectangular cardboard piece on a flat surface so that the long side is vertical.

Step 7

Determine wing placement. One set of wings should be 4 inches beneath the top end of the cardboard. The other set of wings should be 8 inches below the first set of wings.


Step 8

Hot glue the wings in place. For extra support punch holes in the cardboard near the center of the wings with the ice pick and lash them onto the cardboard with leather cord.

Step 9

Spray the wings with white glitter spray paint. Allow them to dry thoroughly. If desired, add veins by drawing them across the wings with hot glue. Add silver glitter to the lines.

Dragonfly Body

Step 1

Cut one leg section off of the A size pantyhose. Stuff it with cotton fiber fill.


Step 2

Tie a knot in the end of the stuffed pantyhose leg. Cut away any extra fabric.

Step 3

Cut yarn into eight 6-inch lengths. Tie the yarn to the stuffed pantyhose leg in 3-inch intervals to create the dragonfly's body and segments.

Step 4

Hot glue the body onto the cardboard over the top of the dragonfly's wings. Make sure that one end on the body extends above the top of the cardboard. This will conceal the cardboard foundation.


Dragonfly Harness

Step 1

Cut the crotch section from the queen-size pantyhose. Cut the hose in a straight line slightly above the crotch. You should be left with a tube.

Step 2

Fold the tube in half to determine the center.

Step 3

Hot glue the center section of the tube to the underside of the dragonfly wings.