How to Make Your Own Mime Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Clown white base

  • Makeup sponge

  • Translucent powder

  • Makeup brush

  • Black creme makeup

  • Red creme makeup

  • Black pants

  • Shirt

  • White gloves

  • Shoes

  • Suspenders

  • Hat

  • Socks

  • Tie

  • Stage blood

A mime costume is perhaps one of the simplest costumes to create. You can usually use items that you have at home, and all you will need to purchase is the face makeup. However, you can embellish the mime costume with things like suspenders, a beret and colorful ties or shoes, if you desire.


Step 1

Use clown white for the base color on your face. Cover your entire face with the clown white, using a makeup sponge to apply it evenly. Remember that the mime face is supposed to look like a mask, so you should make the edges of the makeup sharp around the face.

Step 2

Use a loose translucent powder and powder puff to apply powder over the clown white base and set the makeup. Use a makeup brush to gently remove any excess powder.

Step 3

Outline and color in the lips with a makeup brush. You can use either red or black lip color for the lips, but keep in mind that a dash of red in an otherwise black and white costume will really stand out.

Step 4

Use black creme makeup and a thin makeup brush to paint on eyebrows over existing eyebrows.

Step 5

Use the black creme makeup and a thin brush for eyeliner under the bottom eyelids. Many mime artists also use the same tools to draw teardrops or other decorations below one or both eyes.


Step 1

Use black slacks or jeans that you already have on hand, or purchase them. You can also use black tuxedo pants, if desired.

Step 2

Get a black turtleneck shirt, a black and white striped shirt, or a white shirt with a black vest. If you want to really dress up your mime costume, try using a tuxedo shirt and jacket with a black bow tie.

Step 3

Purchase white gloves, if you do not already have them. These should be solid white.

Step 4

Use solid black shoes, black and white shoes, or black jazz shoes for your mime costume.

Step 5

Add embellishments, such as a black beret or top hat, a tie, suspenders or striped socks. If you want to create a scary mime--for Halloween, for example--create a visible wound with stage makeup and stage blood.