How to Loosen Omega Earring Backs

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Things You'll Need

  • Omega earring backs

  • Smooth nosed pliers

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Omega style earring backs are used to secure both clip-on and pierced-ear post earrings. A hinge allows you to fold the clip down, which is shaped like the Greek letter "omega." When the hinge reaches a certain point and the back is stopped by the back of your ear lobe, the earrings will be held securely in place. If you have a pair of earrings that use the omega earring back and they are too tight for your ear lobe, you can easily loosen them so that they are more comfortable.


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Step 1

Fold the clip back away from the earring itself and grip the base of the omega back with your pliers. Do not clamp down on the hinge, but a few millimeters above it.

Step 2

Make a very slight bend in the metal with the pliers. Use a pair of jeweler's smooth nosed pliers so you don't end up warping the metal. Go slowly in very small increments, especially if your earrings are clip-on only. They will still need to be tight enough to hold the earring to your ear.


Step 3

Try the earring on to see if the back was loosened enough so that it is now comfortable to wear. If it is still too tight, repeat Steps 1 and 2 until it is just right, and repeat with the other earring.


If your earrings are vintage, take them to a jeweler to be loosened professionally instead of taking the risk of breaking them.