How to Remove the Odor of Permanent Markers

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Permanent markers come in handy for labeling and even for artwork. Unfortunately, many have ingredients that leave a strong smell and can cause dizziness, nausea and other symptoms if inhaled for too long. You can reduce and remove the scent of permanent markers with a few simple remedies.


Ventilate the Area

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Open doors and windows to allow fresh air to flow throughout the space. Use fans to help with ventilation. The fans will also cool the room down.

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Remove Odor with a Spray

Use an odor-removing spray. Check manufacturer instructions before spraying directly on an object or test a small area of the affected piece. You want to make sure it does not dissolve the permanent marker. You can also make an odor removing spray with baking soda, water, and vinegar. If you can't spray directly onto the permanent marker, spray into the air to help dissipate the scent.

Remove Odor with Lemon

Lemon can be used various ways raw or cooked to eliminate smells. Boil a pot of sliced lemon and let the scent permeate the air. Mix one part water with one part lemon juice and dab on the affected area. Cut a lemon into slices and set it on a plate near the permanent marker scent. You can also dip a cotton ball into a lemon juice and set it on a plate near the source of the smell.


Remove Odor with Baking Soda

Like lemon, baking soda is also a natural remedy for offending smells and can be used to remove the odor of permanent markers. You will need to place the item in a sealed bag with the baking soda, or sprinkle baking soda onto it, leave it for a few hours and wipe off with water.


Wash the Affected Area

If the item is clothing, you can wash it according to directions on the clothing tag. For other objects use a damp rag with soap and water to clean the area that has the permanent marker on it.


  • Work with low odor permanent markers for less fumes.
  • Some remedies can remove the permanent marker. Test a small area before applying directly.


  • Seek medical attention if you experience side effects from permanent markers.



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