How to Glue Trim on Fabric

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric glue

  • Craft glue

  • Trim

  • Fabric

  • Straight pins

  • Fusible tape

  • Iron

  • Hot glue

Attaching trim to fabric is simple to do, even if you do not sew. There are several adhesive applications that can be used to glue trim on fabric. To determine which adhesive is the best choice, you need to decide whether the item you are gluing trim to is washable or will be purely decorative. Fabric glues and fusible tape work well on clothing, while hot glue and craft glue are good choices for decorative accessories that will not be laundered.

Gluing Trim with Craft and Fabric Glue

Step 1

Apply craft glue or fabric glue to the back of the trim using the applicator nozzle on the bottle as a guide.

Step 2

Place the trim on the fabric you are attaching it to.

Step 3

Hold the trim in place with straight pins until the glue begins to set. Remove the pins before the glue is completely dry.

Gluing Trim with Fusible Tape

Step 1

Lay the trim on your ironing surface with the wrong side up. Place the fusible tape on the back of the trim with the glue side of the tape facing down and the paper backing side up.

Step 2

Iron the fusible tape to the back of the trim. Allow the tape to cool.

Step 3

Peel the paper backing from the fused tape. Place the trim on the fabric with the fusible glue side down.

Step 4

Iron the top of the trim to adhere the fused tape. If the trim is thick or bulky, turn the fabric pieces over and iron it from the back. The fusible tape will heat and adhere the pieces together.

Gluing Trim with Hot Glue

Step 1

Apply an inch-long line of hot glue at the spot you want your trim to begin.

Step 2

Place the beginning of the trim on the glue line and allow it to cool.

Step 3

Apply the hot glue, an inch at a time, to the fabric and apply the trim.