How to Keep Braid Trim From Fraying

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Liquid seam sealant such as Fray Check or Fray Stop

  • Small piece of cardboard

  • Several straight pins

The application of braided trim is an attractive way to add interest to jackets, uniforms, costumes and other garments, as well as accenting household items such as pillows and upholstered pieces. When the trim is clipped to length however, the end of the braid will ravel unless it is treated to prevent fraying. Braided trim can easily be finished by using a liquid seam sealant.


Step 1

Clip the braided trim to the exact length desired for your project without disturbing the twisted cords as much as possible. Lay the end of the trim on a piece of cardboard. If the trim is already attached to an item, place a small piece of cardboard between the end of the braided trim and the item it is attached to.


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Step 2

Poke a pin or needle into the liquid seam sealant tube to create a very small opening.

Step 3

Squeeze a few drops of the sealant onto the clipped edge of the braided trim piece as well as between the individual twisted cords that make up the trim.


Step 4

Poke two to three pins through the end of the braided trim and into the cardboard, gently forcing the ends of the braided trim together.

Step 5

Allow the sealant to dry for about 30 minutes. Remove pins.


Purchase liquid seam sealant where sewing notions are sold.


Do not use the product near a flame. Liquid seam sealant is flammable before it dries.



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