How to Connect a Water Hose to a Gutter

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Things You'll Need

  • Ladder

  • Water diverter

  • Sheet metal screws

  • Sheet metal shears

  • Hacksaw

  • Nylon ties

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Connecting a water hose to a gutter downspout is very beneficial because it allows you to make use of a valuable resource. Instead of wasting water by draining it out of a downspout and to an area where it's not needed, you can instead direct it to a water barrel, garden or sprinkler. The advantage of attaching a hose to a gutter has led to the creation of a multitude of different gutter water diverters and adapters. You connect a water hose to a gutter by following the directions for each particular water diverter.


Step 1

Go to a home improvement store or gardening center to select what kind of attachment you will use to connect the hose to the gutter. The attachments (or adapters) can be placed at the bottom of a downspout, in the middle of a downspout, or just under where the downspout attaches to the gutter.


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Step 2

Disconnect the downspout from the gutter. Place the downspout in a place where it will be easy to work.

Step 3

Place a water diverter on the downspout extension that is located beneath the gutter. Secure the diverter to the extension with sheet-metal screws. Cut the top of the downspout with sheet metal shears so that it will fit inside the water diverter. Place the top of the downspout into the water diverter.


Step 4

Cut the bottom of a downspout with sheet metal shears so it will insert into the water diverter. Attach a water diverter to the bottom of a downspout. Secure the diverter with sheet metal screws.

Step 5

Cut the downspout in the middle with a hacksaw. Attach a water diverter to the top part of the downspout with the directions described above. Attach the bottom part of the downspout to the water diverter with the same method. Secure the water diverter to both ends of the downspout with sheet metal screws.


Step 6

Attach a water hose to the water diverter.

Step 7

Secure the hose with nylon ties.

Step 8

Run the hose to where you want the water to drain.


The type of water diverter you choose is really a matter of choice. Consider how handy you are before making your selection.


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