How to Make a Lighted Christmas Star

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You can make a lighted Christmas star.
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Things You'll Need

  • 5 wooden dowels, 36 inches long and 5/16th inches wide

  • Black tape

  • Duct tape

  • Rope light, 12 foot long

  • Twist ties

A lighted star is a great holiday decoration that can be displayed inside or outside your house for a warm, festive look. To make a star with Christmas lights, you simply need to make an outline for the star using wooden rods, which you can line with white or colored lights for a pretty star that looks professionally made. A holiday lighted star ornament can be made in your own home, quickly and easily with simple supplies. Just plug it in, and your beautiful lighted star ornament is ready to go.


Step 1: Tear Off Some Duct Tape

Tear off a piece of duct tape that is about 1 inch long. Place the duct tape on a flat surface, sticky side up, so that when it is front of you it is laying lengthwise.

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Step 2: Tape the Wooden Dowels

Place two wooden dowels tip to tip at the end of the duct tape, leaving about ½ inch between the tips. Roll the tape around the dowels completely. Unroll another piece of duct tape and add another wooden dowel to the end of the first two, wrapping the two ends together.


Step 3: Repeat for the Rest of the Dowels

Repeat this process until you have a line of five dowels taped together.

Step 4: Form the Christmas Star Outline

Bend the dowels at the gap in the duct-taped section, forming a star. To do this, bend the first and third dowel up, leaving the second dowel straight across the bottom and making a slight "U" shape. Then, cross the third over towards the first dowel, forming a triangle, and bring the forth down, crossing it over the straight area of the "U." Bring the ends of the first and fifth dowels together. As you do this, you will see it form a star.


Step 5: Tape, and Position

Tape the ends of the first and fifth dowels together using black tape, and then manipulate the rest of the dowels so each point of the star is even.

Step 6: Wrap the Points With Black Tape

Wrap black tape around each point where the dowels intersect.


Step 7: Position and Secure the Rope Lights

Place the end of the rope lights at the end of one of the points of the star, and use black tape to secure it in place.

Step 8: Add the Rope Lights

Line the star with rope lights, using a twist tie to secure the rope to the star at the bottom of each point.


Step 9: Tape the Lights to Finish Your Christmas Star Outline

Tape the rope lights into place when they get back to the starting point. This will form the bottom of your lighted Christmas star ornament.

Step 10: Display Your Christmas Star

Choose the perfect spot and position the Christmas star high enough to be seen well.


As you line the star with rope lights, make sure that the lights stay on the same side of the star all the way around so they will all be in clear view when they are plugged in.



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