How to Hang Christmas Garland in an Entryway

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You can hang Christmas garland in the entryway.
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Things You'll Need

  • Garland

  • Christmas lights

  • Red bows

  • Fruit

  • Mistletoe

  • Cinnamon sticks

  • Hammer

  • Nails

Christmas garland can add joy to just about any room in the house. Instead of just hanging garland on the fireplace or outside on the front porch, consider hanging it on various objects in the entryway. Welcome friends and family into a home that is not only inviting but festive as well. Be creative and use variations of garland such as silver, gold or even garland made out of food. Popcorn, fruit, lollipop or wrapped candy garland may prove to be a huge hit with the kids -- be prepared to allow them to "taste" drive these edible decorations. Traditional green Christmas garland may be used alone or spruced up with lights or colorful bows.


Step 1: Hang Garland Around the Door and the Frame

Position a piece of Christmas garland over a door, or hang the garland around the door frame in an entryway. Hammer a nail into each top corner of the door frame and one in the middle. Position the garland over the top nail and drape nicely over the two on the end. Allow the garland to fall to the floor or cut it to where it hangs only slightly down on either side. Red, silver or gold ribbons may be added to the corners of the garland.


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Step 2: Decorate the Picture Frames With Garland

Hang garland over picture frames in the entry way. Cut thin swags of garland and lay carefully over a wide frame that suspends slightly away from the wall. Wired garland may work well for frames. Place red bows in the garland to add an extra festive holiday feel. Visitors may enjoy and take notice of pictures and frames draped in Christmas garland.


Step 3: Spruce Up Entryway Lighting

Tie a small piece of garland to a light hanging in the entryway, or wrap around the base of the fixture. Be sure to keep the garland far enough away from the light bulb itself. Use mistletoe as garland or insert a few pieces into the garland hanging from the light. Add a few strands of red berries for color.


Step 4: Adorn Banisters and Stairwells

Use florist tape or wire to weave Christmas garland throughout and over the banister of a stairwell in an entryway. Add small white lights to the garland to give an extra holiday cheer. Hang a large bow at the end of the banister. For a sweet holiday scent, tie cinnamon sticks in the garland leading to the upstairs.


Step 5: Create an Entryway Showplace With Garland

Set up a small table or desk in the entryway. Position objects on the table like nutcracker dolls, angels or even a nativity scene. Arrange several Christmas cards on the table received from family and friends. Weave green Christmas garland around the objects on the table. Add fake or fresh fruit throughout the garland, such as apples and oranges.


Hang garland on shelves, clocks, mantels, trees and even on the back deck.


Weaving Christmas lights through garland from real trees may be a fire hazard. Keep the lights separate if you hang garland outside.



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