How to Remove Engraving on Jewelry

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Things You'll Need

  • Engraved jewelry

  • Dremel hand-held grinder

  • Assorted sanding bands

  • Abrasive buffing wheel

  • Felt polish wheel

  • Polishing compound

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If you are a collector of vintage jewelry, you've probably purchased rings or bracelets that have been engraved. You may love the idea of the original sentiment behind the engraving, but now you want to make the jewelry your own. Or maybe you want to re-sell it. That means removing the engraving. It's easily done. If you don't want to take it to a professional jeweler, you can easily learn to do the job yourself.


Step 1

Purchase an electric hand-held grinding tool like a Dremel tool and an assortment of sanding bands ranging from course (60 grit) to fine (240 grit).

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Step 2

Put the course sanding grit band on the tool. Hold the piece of jewelry in your non-dominant hand. Holding the grinding tool in the other hand, turn it on and start running the sanding band over the engraving. Don't hold the spinning sanding band in one spot too long. Keep it moving constantly so as to not take off too much metal at a time. Periodically change the sanding band, always moving towards a finer grit. End with the finest grit.

Step 3

Remove any marks left on the metal by the sanding wheels by first using an abrasive buffing wheel mounted on the hand-held grinder. Finish with a felt polishing wheel loaded with polishing compound


By time you finish with the 240 grit sanding wheel, the engraving should be totally gone.

When polishing a piece of jewelry, the polishing compound from the felt wheels can be emitted into the air. Wear a dust max while polishing jewelry.


When you first turn them on, hand-held electric grinders have a lot of torque or twisting force. Be sure to grip the tool tightly.

If you have long hair, tie it back when working with an electric hand grinder. If you hair gets caught in the spinning end of the tool, it will rip it right out of your scalp.


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