How to Replace Pella Door Handle

Things You'll Need

  • Pella replacement handle

  • Screwdriver or drill

  • Rigid pin (or paper clip)

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Pella doors are primarily designed for installation on exterior residential openings. They are produced by the Pella Corporation, and are available in many different styles and functions. While these doors are considered to be among the highest quality in the industry, they will require some routine maintenance over time to keep them functioning properly. The handles on these doors often require replacement when exposed to heavy use or harsh weather conditions. Most homeowners will find that they can replace these handles themselves without hiring a contractor.

Sliding Pella Doors

Step 1

Purchase a replacement handle. Examine the side of your door to find the registration sticker. Visit Pella's website to purchase a handle designed to fit your door.

Step 2

Unscrew the existing handle. Examine the handle from inside the home. You will see two or more screws holding the handle in place. Use a screwdriver or drill to remove these screws, then pull both sides of the handle apart by hand.

Step 3

Insert the new handle on the exterior side of your door. Make sure it is facing the right direction to enable easy sliding. Add the interior trim to meet up with the handle, then screw these two units together using the screws provided by Pella.

Swinging Pella Doors

Step 1

Check to see if you can replace only the handle instead of the entire lockset. From the interior side of the door, examine the handle or knob that you want to replace. If you see a small pin hole on the handle, you can leave the lock in place and just replace the handle. Insert a pin in this hole and press firmly until the handle pops off. Contact Pella to purchase a replacement handle, then install it on your door according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2

Replace the entire lockset if the handle cannot be removed. From the interior side of the door, remove the screws holding the handle in place. Grasp one side of the trim in each hand and slowly pull them apart until they are separated from the door.

Step 3

Contact Pella by visiting the company's website. Check the edge of your door to determine your model number, then order a replacement handle designed to fit your door.

Step 4

Insert the exterior handle trim into the exterior side of the door. Line up the spindles or cylinder tail pieces to connect the interior trim. Use the screws provided to fasten the handle in place from inside the home.

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