How to Make a Cigar Ashtray

Smoking the right cigar is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. And one of the best complements to a fine cigar is a homemade cigar ashtray that reflects the person smoking the cigar. Homemade cigar ashtrays make the perfect gift for those who loves a good cigar. It is personal, thoughtful and guaranteed to be used and enjoyed. You don't have to spend a lot of money, either. You can use everyday household items or mold one yourself.

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Things You'll Need

  • Pottery clay

  • Paint

  • Tin can

Mold It

Step 1

Purchase molding clay from a craft store. Mold the clay into an appropriate ashtray shape.

Step 2

Follow the instructions on the packaging for baking the clay. Heat your oven at home and wait for the clay to bake.

Step 3

Remove it from the oven, allowing it to completely dry. Once it's dry, paint it with latex paint. Include personal touches that reflect the person you're making the ashtray for. For example, you can write the person's name or paint symbols that reflect an interest he or she has.

Step 4

Finish the piece by applying a shiny lacquer to keep the paint protected and like new.

Use a Tin Can

Step 1

Use a tin can to make a homemade ashtray. Paint the inside of the can with a high-gloss water-resistant paint to preserve the interior. Do not use an oil-based paint, as it can catch on fire.

Step 2

Fit a glass cup into the tin can to catch the ashes and make for easy disposal. This will also preserve the tin can for future use.

Step 3

Either wrap the outside of the can with material that you paint on, or paint directly onto the can itself. It is best to use an anti-rust paint.

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