How to Make Magnetic Earrings

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If you don't have pierced ears, you can wear magnetic earrings. Making the earrings does not require special tools; you can easily assemble a pair at home using a few basic supplies from the craft store.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 small craft magnetic discs

  • Super glue or other strong bonding glue

  • Toothpick

  • Plastic tweezers

  • 2 small flat-backed stones, same size or slightly larger than the magnets


Do not use strong magnets for this project; they can pinch your ears. Purchase magnets that are designated for craft purposes only.

Step 1

Working on a flat surface such as a table, pull the craft magnet discs apart. Apply a small amount of glue to one of the discs; then use the toothpick to spread it evenly across the surface of the disc.


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Step 2

Immediately pick up a flat-backed stone with the plastic tweezers. Position the stone on top of the disc with the glue so that the magnet is centered and is not visible from the front of the stone.


  • If you need to re-position the stone after you place it on the magnet, use the toothpick to gently move it.
  • Work quickly to position the stone, as the glue will dry quickly.

Step 3

Hold the stone in place for 2 to 3 minutes.



Allow the glue to dry completely overnight before wearing the earrings.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to create a second earring.

How to Attach Magnetic Earrings

To wear the earrings, place the stone magnet on the outside of your earlobe; then place a blank magnetic disc on the back of your earlobe. The two magnets attract to hold the earring in place.


Alternative Earring Decoration

Recycled Earrings

If you have a pair of earrings that have broken posts or clips, you can replace the broken pieces with magnets. Be sure to use sandpaper to remove any sharp bits from the back before gluing the magnets onto the back.



When choosing decoration, check the weight first. Heavy earrings will not adhere to the magnet as easily as lightweight stones. The earrings could also weigh down the magnet, causing the magnets to lose attraction and fall from your earlobes.

Polymer Clay

If you do not wish to use a stone for your magnetic earrings, you can mold a pair using polymer clay. This technique involves inserting the magnet into the clay, then baking it in the oven to harden the clay and secure the magnet.



Any small findings such as buttons that can be glued to pierced ear posts can also be glued to magnets to create magnetic earrings. Be sure to choose a button that is the same size or slightly larger than the magnet so that you can cover the entire piece.



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