How to Make Beaded Leather Hat Bands

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Leather

  • Sharp household shears

  • Pattern/template

  • Chalk

  • Beading needle

  • Waxed beading thread

  • Seed beads

  • Cotton swab

  • Glue

Beaded leather hat bands add style to any type of hat. Create a fully beaded band or one with a design pattern that allows the leather band to show through. Stitching beads onto leather can be time consuming, but the results are worth your efforts. You can make these decorative hat bands with seed beads and other supplies from your local craft store.


Step 1

Measure the circumference of the hat where you plan to place the hat band. Most hat bands fit just above the brim. Cut a length of 1- to 2-inch wide leather to fit the circumference of your hat.

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Step 2

Place the leather strip face-up on a flat surface. Place the template of your pattern or design on top of the leather strip. Transfer the outline of the design from the template onto the leather with chalk.

Step 3

Cut a 2 foot length of waxed beading thread. Tie a double overhand knot in one end. Thread the other end through the beading needle. Pull the thread until about one-third of the length is through the eye of the needle.

Step 4

Insert the threaded needle through the chalk line at the beginning of your pattern or design. Insert the needle from the back to the front of the leather, pulling it through until the knot stops it.


Step 5

Thread one to five seed beads over the needle. Hold the beads against the chalk line and reinsert the needle through the leather from front to back. Pull the thread taut. You can add up to five seed beads at a time as long as the line in your design is straight. Only add as many beads as will fit over the straight line of your pattern. For example, if your pattern curves, you'll need to have a series of single seed beads stitched around the curve. Some straight lines are shorter than others, so three beads may be all that you need to create the pattern. More than five beads on a line at a time may sag when you stand the hat band in a vertical position.


Step 6

Continue stitching the seed beads along the lines of your pattern until the hat band is complete.

Step 7

Remove any visible chalk lines with a wet cotton swab. Attach the hat band to the hat with hot glue or jeweler's glue.


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