How to Thread a Bobbin on Singer Sewing Machines

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Things You'll Need

  • Singer home sewing machine

  • Thread spool

  • Bobbin

  • Scissors

One of the most difficult things about learning to use a sewing machine is getting the basic machine functions down. One that many beginners struggle with is putting thread on the bobbin, which is often referred to as bobbin threading or bobbin winding. The bobbin, which is a cylindrical plastic or metal piece inserted under the faceplate, provides the second line of thread for the needle to pick up while sewing. Before placing the bobbin into the machine, it must be threaded.


Bobbin Threading a Basic Singer Sewing Machine

Step 1

Find the handwheel on the right side of the machine. Press on the side of the indented disk in the middle of the wheel so that it pops inward and prevents the needle from stitching while you work.

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Step 2

Place the spool of thread onto the spool pin, found on the top right of the machine. Place the spool cap onto the spool pin, holding the spool of thread tightly in place.

Step 3

Take the thread end and pull it toward the thread guide at the top left of the machine. Hold the thread in both hands, positioned behind the thread guide. Pull the thread up into the slot at the back of the thread guide.


Step 4

Pull the thread end to the right and tug it down through the slot at the top of the thread guide.

Step 5

Find the bobbin winder tension disk on the top left side of the machine, at the front. Wind the thread end around the disk clockwise.


Step 6

Push the thread end through one of the small holes in the bobbin, so that at least one inch of thread sticks out of the top.

Step 7

Find the bobbin winder on the top right side of the machine, at the front. Push the bobbin all the way down onto the winder, threaded end facing upward. Push the bobbin winder to the right.


Step 8

Hold the thread end and push down on the foot pedal until the bobbin is full. Cut the excess bobbin thread from the top of the bobbin and return machine parts to their original positions.


These instructions are for the most common type of Singer home machine. Your machine may have its parts in slightly different positions, so be sure to check your instruction manual for a labeled diagram.

You may have a machine that uses a different style of thread guide. If your thread guide looks flat and is made of metal, you will not need to change the handwheel position, and passing thread through the guide will be easier. Simply wind the thread, directly from the spool, clockwise around the disk in the guide.


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