How to Stop House Windows From Being Opened

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Things You'll Need

  • Half-inch dowel rods

  • Saw

  • Window guards

  • Brass chain

  • Hook

  • Wood screw

Home safety is extremely important; one common weakness is a home's windows. They can easily be broken or opened to provide access to the home's interior. By taking a few preventive measures, you can guard your home against unwanted access by strangers. You may also be concerned about small children opening the windows from the inside. There are various precautions you can take to keep your windows closed.


Step 1

Evaluate your house. Count the number of windows and note the placement of each window. Is the window low to the ground; how does the window open (crank out, slide horizontally, slide vertically); are any windows facing the street; is your house easily accessible to pedestrians walking through the neighborhood? All of these questions will help determine how to safeguard your windows. If you have small children, the height and location of the windows is a special concern.

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Step 2

Ensure that all your windows have working locks. Depending on the window style, your window may have more then one locking mechanism on it. Check that all locks are functioning properly; if not, call your local window repairman or the person that installed your windows, as they may still be covered under warranty. If the locks are located on the top of the window, children should not be able to reach. If there are locks on the side of the window that can be accessed by children, you may choose to install another deterrent to prevent young children from opening the windows.


Step 3

Install the hook into the window sill or next to the sill in the wall, well out of a child's reach. Attach one end of the brass chain into the window using a wood screw and tighten firmly so the chain is flush against the window and the chain is firmly in place. Then attach the chain to the hook that you installed. Depending on how you install it, you can opt for a little leeway with the chain so that the window may be opened a couple inches to allow fresh air to flow through, or install so that the window can not be opened at all. This is ideal for all window models.


Step 4

Place dowel rods in the window tracks for windows that slide open. Using your saw, cut the dowel to the proper length, about an inch shorter then the track. Place the dowel in the track and now attempt to slide the window open--the window should only open an inch and be prevented from opening the rest of the way by the dowel.


Step 5

Install window guards as another preventative measure against allowing windows to be opened from the inside. Window guards are much like baby gates for windows. Purchase the guards and ensure they measure up to the safety standards before installation. Install the guards according to the manufacturer's instructions.


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