How to Make Large Alphabet Stencils

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Things You'll Need

  • Word processing software

  • Printer

  • Acetate paper

  • Cardboard

  • Craft knife

Stencils are useful for tracing letters with exact precision, especially large letters. Forming large letters free-hand is difficult because you lose control of the letter due to the large scale of it. You can buy large alphabet stencils in most craft stores, or you easily can make them yourself at home with a few rudimentary craft supplies and your computer.


Step 1

Open the word processing software of your choice, and type the letter of which you would like to create a stencil. Select a font size and style. For instance, if using Microsoft Word, a 700 point size Calibri font will create a letter that spans a standard 8.5 inch by 11 inch piece of paper.

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Step 2

Print the letter on acetate paper, and allow the ink to dry completely for 10 minutes before proceeding to Step 3.


Step 3

Place the letter on a piece of cardboard, and use a craft knife to cut away the section of the stencil in which you will trace or paint.


Step 4

Repeat this process for each letter of the alphabet to create a complete set.


Keep alphabet sets consistent by using the same font style and size for each letter.


Beware of smudging the ink on the acetate paper before it is completely dry.


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