How to Make Bat Ears

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Things You'll Need

  • Black felt

  • Scissors

  • Tacky glue or fabric glue

  • Black headband

  • Black thread

  • Black hoodie

  • Pins

  • Polyfill stuffing

The ears of bats range in size and shape depending on the species.
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Their association with vampires, somewhat scary appearance and nocturnal habits have solidified bats' place in the nightmares of some -- making them the perfect Halloween costume, no matter what your age. Of course, no bat costume would be complete without the ears, which can be attached to a headband or hoodie. Attaching the ears to the headband is a no-sew method, ideal for the novice crafter, while the hoodie option requires a bit of sewing.

Bat-Ear Headband

Step 1

Cut two triangle shapes out of the black felt with a pair of scissors. These are the bat ears. The ears should measure about 3 to 5 inches tall depending on how high you want them.

Step 2

Create a 3/4- to 1-inch cut at the bottom left corner of each ear. Do the same for the bottom right corner of the ear. Make the same cuts on the second bat ear.

Step 3

Fold the cut edges over. Secure them together with a drop of glue. This will cause the ears to stand up. Trim off the excess felt created when you glued the edges together.

Step 4

Place a few drops of glue on the bottom of the bat ears. Press the glue-covered bat ears against the middle top of the headband. The ears should be close together, so make sure the bottom edge of the ears are touching one another.

Step 5

Set the bat-ear headband in a safe location where it won't be disturbed. Allow the glue to dry for 30 minutes to an hour.

Bat-Ear Hoodie

Step 1

Cut four identical triangle-shaped bat-ear pieces out of black felt.

Step 2

Place one bat-ear-shaped piece on top of a second bat-ear-shaped piece. Hand sew the top and sides of the two pieces together with black thread. Leave the bottom open. Repeat the process for the two remaining bat-ear-shaped pieces.

Step 3

Insert enough polyfill stuffing into the ears so that the ears stay erect when attached to the hoodie.

Step 4

Instruct the person who will be wearing the costume to put on the hoodie. Position the ears where you want them to be located and secure them with pins. Have the person carefully remove the hoodie without disturbing the pinned ears.

Step 5

Hand sew the bat ears onto the hoodie using a straight stitch and black thread. Remove the pins from the hoodie as the stitch reaches them.