How to Glue Spanish Moss to Styrofoam

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Things You'll Need

  • Hot glue gun

  • Hot glue sticks

  • Newspaper or paper plate

  • White craft glue

  • Floss, yarn or string

  • Florist pins or straight pins

Spanish moss adds a beautiful natural look to flower crafts and home decor. It looks nice by itself or as a additional ornamentation on wreaths, dried flower arrangements, ornaments and candle holders. Because it is lightweight and pieces break off easily, it is necessary to secure it firmly in place on handmade items. Spanish moss can be glued on Styrofoam by using either white craft glue or hot glue.


How to Glue Spanish Moss to Styrofoam

Step 1

Shake loose bits from the Spanish moss. This will help prevent gluing the moss to the Styrofoam via pieces that will fall off easily.

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Step 2

Preheat the hot glue gun for the hot glue method. The glue gun needs to be hot enough for the glue sticks to melt and flow easily as you work.


Step 3

Put the Styrofoam and Spanish moss on newspaper or a paper plate to make cleanup easier and to keep the glue off the work surface.

Step 4

Apply the hot glue to the moss, not the Styrofoam. The hot glue can dissolve the Styrofoam if applied directly. Attach the pieces of Spanish moss to the Styrofoam. Repeat the process, doing one section at a time until you cover the entire piece of Styrofoam.


Step 5

Use white craft glue as an alternative to the hot glue gun. Put craft glue on both the Spanish moss and the Styrofoam. Note that the white craft glue will take longer to dry than the hot glue.

Step 6

Fasten the Spanish moss in place with florist pins or straight pins, once the entire piece of styrofoam is covered with the moss. You can also use floss, thread or string. Leave it there until the glue dries completely.


Step 7

Remove the pins, floss, thread or string after the glue has dried completely. Now the moss-covered Styrofoam is ready for further decorating.


Do not try to glue all the Spanish moss at once if you use the hot glue method because hot glue dries very quickly and it will not bond the moss properly to the Styrofoam. Do a section at a time if you use the white glue method too so it can be fastened in place as you go. Repeat until the area of the Styrofoam shape you want covered is done.


Be very careful if you use a hot glue gun. Do not let the metal tip touch your skin. Use with caution around children.



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