How to Sew a Fur Blanket

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Things You'll Need

  • Fur material

  • Backing material

  • Thread

  • Needle

  • Sewing machine

  • Scissors

Making a fur blanket is a simple sewing project with a luxe look. Fake fur is available in an abundance of patterns and styles, some that look and feel very realistic while others are in bright fantasy colors. Fur blankets can be used as throws over the coach, bed comforters or as blankets for children. They can be purely decorative or completely functional. The fur blanket can have a lining on the back, another color or pattern fur, or a real or faux suede. All of which will result in a beautiful, reversible fur blanket.


Step 1

Determine a finished length and width for your fur blanket. Measure a bed, a person or another blanket to help determine the exact measurements for your blanket. Add 1 inch to each measurement for a seam allowance to arrive at your cutting measurements.

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Step 2

Cut a piece of fur fabric to the length and width of your measurements. Cut another piece of material, the backing material, the exact same length and width as the first piece. You can use more fur fabric, fake or real suede, leather, patterned material or solid backing for the second piece. Coordinate colors and fabric types for a stylish reversible fur blanket.

Step 3

Spread the fur material on the floor, fur side up. Brush the fur on the edge inwards towards the center of of the material to make pinning easier. Place the backing material on the fur material, matching up the edges, wrong-side (the side you don't want to see) up.

Step 4

Pin all edges together. Mark a segment about 12-inches long to leave open for turning. You can press the seam to make it easier to sew; but be sure to use the lowest dry-heat seating possible and place a towel or piece of material on the fur blanket to press on because faux fur is very sensitive to heat.


Step 5

Sew a seam around the entire fur blanket stopping at the 12 inches marked for turning using a typical straight stitch on a sewing machine or a back stitch by hand. Gently pull the material through the turning opening so it is right side out, fur side showing.

Step 6

Hand sew the turning opening to create the most invisible seam to complete your fur blanket.


Step 7

[Optional] Add a stitch every 12 inches across lengthwise and widthwise to hold the blanket together. Start the stitch and finish the stitch on the fur side. Fluff the fur on the blanket to conceal the tiny knots.


Add buttons every 12 inches across the length and width of the fur blanket to hold it together. Add trim or ribbon around the edge of the lining side before sewing together for a nice accent. Save the care instructions for the fur and materials that you use for future reference for yourself or create a gift tag with washing instructions for the recipient of the fur blanket.


Don't press using high heat, you can damage or melt the fur. Don't machine dry faux-fur blankets—this can permanently damage the fur and it's texture.


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