How to Hang String Lights Indoors

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Things You'll Need

  • String lights

  • Step ladder or chair

  • Temporary wall hooks

String lights come in all different colors and sizes, making them a wonderful decorating option for many different occasions. You can hang string lights to add to any holiday or party decorations. While you can hang string lights on the outside of your house as decoration, you can also hang them indoors for you and your family to enjoy.


Step 1

Remove lights from packaging or box. Unravel your string lights, neatly laying them out on the floor so they don't tangle. Arrange them near the wall where you plan to hang them, so they are within easy reach.

Step 2

Plug the string lights in to an outlet to make sure they work before you hang them. Replace any burned out bulbs.

Step 3

Take your step ladder or chair and place it near the lighted strand of lights. Stand on your ladder and attach a temporary wall hook, such as 3M's removable hooks, about an inch from the ceiling.


Step 4

Gently pull the string lights up to the hook while they are still plugged in, and hang them from the hook.

Step 5

Move your ladder about five feet down the strand of lights, attach another hook, and continue draping the lights, using the hooks. Continue this process until the entire strand of lights is hung from the hooks along the top of the wall.


Temporary hooks are a good option if you are hanging string lights for holiday decoration. For a more permanent string light setup, use thumbtacks or small nails.