How to Remove a Storm Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Hammer

  • Pliers

  • Step ladder

  • Safety glasses

A storm door protects your inside door from the elements and offers an additional layer of insulation. Removing a storm door is relatively simple; but if you're not an experienced home handyman, have someone assist you.

Step 1

Remove the closer of the storm door by carefully tapping, with the hammer, the pin closest to the door jamb. Use the pliers to pull the pin out if necessary. Tapping out or pulling out the pin is best done with the door closed because, when the pin is released, the closer will spring back, an action that is minimized when the door is closed. If the pin is bent or crimped and will not come out, to release the closer, remove the screws that hold the closer support bracket to the door jamb. Keep your fingers away from where the plunger enters the closer tube to avoid being injured when the closer comes loose.


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Step 2

Remove the closer completely by tapping out the pin closest to the door. If there is a second closer at the top of the door, follow the same procedure while standing on the step ladder. Ensure that someone is close by in case you lose your balance.

Step 3

Remove the lower hinge screws of the door with the Phillips head screwdriver.


Step 4

Remove all remaining hinge screws until the storm door is free. Remove the screws that hold the closer support bracket to the door jamb if these have not been removed previously.

Step 5

Discard the closers, the used screws and the door properly.

Step 6


The screw heads may strip as you try to remove them. There are several methods for dealing with stripped screws, including grabbing the head with pliers, drilling out the screw, cutting off the screw head with by using a screw extractor.


As the door starts to come loose from the jamb, it will swing in unexpected directions so have someone help stabilize the door as you remove the hinge screws. The door will be heavy so be prepared for that.


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