How to Install an Emco Storm Door Closer

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Level

  • Drill

  • 5/32-inch drill bit

  • Screwdriver

The closer on a storm door is the tube-shaped object mounted to one of the upper corners. It is installed on the same side as the door hinges and keeps the storm door from slamming when it is closed. When you install a new storm door, you will need to mount the closer on it. Emco is the company that manufactures Andersen storm doors. Andersen is one of the most frequently purchased brand of windows and doors on the market. Andersen's instructions for mounting the closer are clear and easy to follow.


Step 1

Test the function of the storm door by opening and closing it a few times. It should open and close smoothly without any rubbing. The door should also be centered in the door opening.

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Step 2

Line up the hole in the jamb bracket with the hole in the end of the closer's rod. Insert one of the supplied short pins through these holes to hold the bracket and the closer together.


Step 3

Pull the closer's rod out approximately 1/4 inch. Slide the hold washer down the rod to keep the rod pulled out to this length. Set the closer aside.

Step 4

Open the Andersen storm door. Measure up 5/8 inches from the top of the window at two points; mark these points with a pencil. Place a level along these two marks and draw a faint line across the top of the storm door.


Step 5

Measure from the outside edge of the hinge side door jamb in 1/4 inch and make a mark on the door jamb with a pencil.

Step 6

Lift the closer up to the storm door. Place the outside edge of the jamb bracket against the mark you just made on the jamb. Align the center of the jamb bracket with the line on the surface of the storm door.


Step 7

Mark the location of the four screw holes and set the closer aside. Drill pilot holes through all four marks using a 5/32-inch drill bit. Hold the closer back up to the door and line up the holes in the jamb bracket with the holes you drilled in the jamb. Secure the bracket to the jamb with the supplied screws.


Step 8

Line up the holes in the door bracket with the holes in the free end of the closer. Insert the supplied long pin through the holes to secure the bracket to the closer. Close the Andersen storm door.

Step 9

Position the center of the door bracket on the line on the door. Place a level against the bottom of the closer to make sure it is sitting straight. Mark the two screw holes onto the surface of the door.


Step 10

Open the storm door and drill 5/32-inch pilot holes through each mark. Close the door and line up the holes in the door bracket with the holes in the door. Secure the bracket in place with the supplied screws.

Step 11

Attach the bottom closer next if your style of Anderson storm door has one. This closer is installed the same way as the top closer. However, you will need to draw the line across the bottom of the door 3/4 inch down from the bottom of the window.


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