How to Fix a Bi-Fold Closet Door

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There's something wrong with your closet door; it's just not closing right. Bi-fold closet doors aren't as complicated as they look; there are only a couple of things that can go wrong with them. Depending on which side of the door isn't working properly, all you'll need to do is make a quick adjustment. Roll up your sleeves and grab a screwdriver, and you'll have that door working properly again before you know it.


Bifold Doors

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Lubrication Spray

Step 1

Remove the door by depressing the roller at the top open edge and swinging the edge out. Grasp the door by the sides and lift up, then out; the door is attached at the top and bottom of the outside edge by a spring loaded pin. When you lift up the pin will depress, allowing the bottom of the door to come out of its seat.


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Step 2

Examine the small bracket located on the wall side of the top rail. It will have a hole in the center; this is where the spring loaded pin is inserted. Check to be sure the bracket is secured to the rail; it is held in by a screw which often loosens and lets the bracket slide.

Step 3

Move the bracket to its original position and tighten the screw; you will be able to see the original position by wear marks on the top rail.


Step 4

Check the lower outside bracket to ensure it is screwed securely to the floor and outer edge of the doorway.

Step 5

Spray the top spring loaded pin with lubricating spray and depress it three times to ensure easy movement; replace the door by reversing the removal steps.


Step 6

Repair an inner edge that is swinging out of place by fixing the spring loaded roller that allows the door to glide closed in the top rail. Spray the roller post with lubricating spray and depress the roller several times until it bounces back with no friction.

Step 7

Depress the roller and swing it beneath the upper rail until it is in place. When you let go of the roller it will butt against the rail and can no longer swing out of place.

Step 8

Check the door for smooth operation; if it doesn't close tightly to toe wall you can adjust the upper bracket.


Bi-fold doors are awkward to remove and replace; ask someone to help you if possible.


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