How to Color Bleed Tissue Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper (bleeding kind)

  • Old metal baking pan

  • White paper

  • Newspaper (optional)

  • Spray bottle or jar full of water

  • Paint brushes

  • Paper towels

  • Bowl or plastic bag

Tissue paper is one of the most versatile craft materials for kids and adults alike. Color bleeding is a fun project for even the littlest of kids. With just a few materials little ones can make a cute, fun craft that helps them feel accomplished and teaches them important concepts in science at the same time.


Step 1

Set up your work area. Spread newspaper, if desired, to cover the table. Set the tray on the table and the white paper in the tray. Have all materials ready before beginning.

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Step 2

Tear the tissue paper into small squares and strips. Be sure the pieces are not too small. If they are smaller than 1 to 2 inches, it won't work as well.

Step 3

Lay the tissue paper squares on the white paper in the tray. Try overlapping colors such as blue and yellow to teach color mixing.

Step 4

Spray water all over the tissue-layered paper, using the water bottle's "mist" setting. A hard stream of water will not achieve the desired result. Alternately, use the paintbrushes to paint water all over the tissue. Be sure to fully saturate the paper. Dry drips and brushes with the paper towels.


Step 5

Count to 10, slowly. You need to wait a few seconds to ensure proper bleeding. This is a good time to help very young children with numbers and counting.

Step 6

Slowly peel the tissue paper off of the white paper to reveal the colors left behind. Put the used paper in the bowl to save for another purpose, or into the plastic bag to throw away.


Not all tissue paper is the same. Some are non-bleeding, especially those made for wrapping gifts. Bleeding tissue paper is available at craft and school supply stores as well as some discount stores.


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