How to Sharpen Damascus Steel

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Damascus steel has been forged for two thousand years, and its beautiful appearance, combined with impressive functionality, make it an excellent choice for upgrading your knife set. Damascus steel requires careful cleaning, but its sharp blade is very resistant to wear and tear. You will still need to sharpen your knives every so often, and the process is quite easy.


Sharpen Your Damascus Blade

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Step 1

Hold the ceramic rod in your left hand, if right handed, or your right hand, if you are left handed.

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Step 2

Take the blade in your other hand. Hold the blade up to the rod at a twenty degree angle. The blade will only be slightly turned toward the rod.

Step 3

Slowly and with a gentle pressure, move the knife from the bottom of the rod to the top. You don't need to press very hard. Repeat until the edge of the knife is smooth and sharp.

Step 4

Repeat on the other side of the blade.


For serrated knives, it is best to purchase a special sharpening rod in order to better deal with individual serrations.


Exercise caution when sharpening any knife, but particularly one made of Damascus steel, as it is extremely sharp.


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