How to Fuse Nylon Cord Pieces Together

Nylon cords are used for a variety of sewing and craft projects. Nylon is a popular choice because it has elasticity and is durable. You find nylon cords used for drawstrings on swim trunks, backpacks, hair ties and more. Nylon cords are actually made up of many smaller cords woven together. When you cut the cord to the desired length, you need to fuse the end of the cord to prevent the various pieces from fraying and unraveling the entire cord.

Things You'll Need

  • Lighter or Match
  • Nylon cord

Video of the Day

Pull the end of the nylon cord together so that all the pieces are held closely together.

Light the match or ignite the lighter.

Hold the flame an inch below the nylon cord end. Watch the nylon begin to melt. If it is melting too quickly, pull the flame further away.

Twist the cord so the flame heat the entire diameter of the cord and its components.

Extinguish the flame.

Press the nylon end together. Be careful as this may be hot. Touch it quickly to determine if it is too hot. If it is, give it a few seconds to cool, but do not allow it to get cold. Press the ends together to create a solid end.


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