How to Bake With Air Bake Pans

Air pans, or air-insulated baking sheets, are a relatively new invention that continue to rise in popularity. After all, the cushion of air that is trapped in the pan itself minimizes the potential of burnt food. In addition, it evenly bakes whatever it is you put in the oven. Whether you're baking cookies, biscuits or even pizza, an air pan is a great option.

Things You'll Need

  • Parchment paper
  • Air pan
  • Food
  • Oven mitt
  • Cooling rack

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Place a sheet of parchment paper onto an air pan so that it is completely covered. Note that parchment paper is different from wax paper (which will leave your sheet and food waxy).

Put food onto the baking pan. If you're making cookies or using a dough that will spread while baking, make sure to spread them out.

Place the sheet in your preheated oven. (Temperature will vary depending on what you're making, so refer to the recipe.) Bake the food for as long as the recipe asks. Make sure the pan is placed in the center of the oven and it does not come into contact with the walls or door.

Remove the sheet with an oven mitt after enough time has elapsed.

Slide the wax paper off the air pan and onto a cooling rack or similar. If you leave the food on the air pan, the metal and hot, insulated air will continue baking the food, potentially burning it.

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