How to Fix Your Brother Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Small scissors

  • Replacement needles

  • Swiffer wipe

  • Small screwdriver

Sewing machines are excellent tools that streamline the process of sewing. They have greatly increased the speed and efficiency of sewing over the years, becoming a much-desired replacement for the needle and thread. However, sewing machines function with a complex mechanism that can be quite difficult to troubleshoot. To identify the problem with a sewing machine, several different parts of the machine must be observed.


Step 1

Verify the threading. This is one of the most common sewing machine problems and should be the first thing you check, because the tiniest deviance from the threading guidelines can drastically affect your sewing results.

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Step 2

Check the needle. To make sure it is straight, lay it flat on the table and verify that it is parallel to the surface. If it is blunt or bent, replace the needle according to your machine's specifications (for instance, some models will require you to unscrew a stopper to release the needle).

Step 3

Make sure there is no knotted thread stuck underneath the needle plate. If there is, carefully pull out the thread little by little. If there is too much knotted below to remove, do not force it out. You will need to unscrew the plate to remove it.

Step 4

Remove any interior dust. You may need to remove the needle plate to remove dust around the bobbin case's exterior. To remove the dust, use a Swiffer wipe or a tiny sewing machine cleaning brush, which should have come with your machine.


Step 5

Check that the bobbin is properly wound. As a precaution, you may want to remove all the thread from the bobbin and wind it once again.

Step 6

Verify that your tension settings match the specifications for your particular fabric. For instance, you should have a lower tension for thinner fabrics


Step 7

Refer to your manual if your machine continues to have problems.

Step 8

Call the manufacturer if all other resolutions did not fix your machine. Most sewing machines have a good warranty, which should entitle you to free repairs and/or replacement.


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