How to Make a Balloon Drop

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Balloon drops are a part of parties, weddings and New Year's celebrations. A balloon drop may look complicated, but it's a simple way to make even a small party fun and exciting. Guests will get to show off their competitive side by attempting to pop the most as they share a laugh stumbling around for those last few balloons. If you are offering one special door prize, hide a ticket in one balloon.


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Things You'll Need

  • Blue Or White Painter'S Tape

  • Door Prize Ticket (Optional)

  • 2 Rectangular Paper Tablecloths, 54-By-108-Inches

  • Hole Punch

  • Streamers And Confetti

  • Yarn

Creating a Balloon Drop

Step 1

Lay two rectangular paper tablecloths side by side. Beginning 6 inches from the end of both tablecloths, punch a hole every 2 inches no more than 1 inch from the edge.


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Step 2

Use yarn to loosely stitch the tablecloths together, creating a seam to rip when it is time to release the balloons. Leave 1 foot of yarn at the end to act as a ripcord.


Step 3

Tape the connected tablecloths to the ceiling on three sides, making sure the tape adheres securely. Leave loose the opposite end of the yarn ripcord. Allow the center of the tablecloths to drop loosely, leaving plenty of space for inflated balloons.


Step 4

Insert inflated balloons, streamers and confetti into the "pouch" you created. If you wish, place a door-prize ticket inside one of the balloons before putting it into the pouch.


Step 5

Tape the remaining loose end of the pouch to the ceiling.


Step 6

When it's time to celebrate, just pull the ripcord, releasing confetti and balloons. Encourage guests to stomp and pop balloons to look for the door-prize ticket.


Use metallic confetti. Colored-paper confetti can get wet and cause stains on hard floors and carpets.


If there will be small children at your party, caution them not to put balloon material in their mouths, as it can be a choking hazard.