How to Pop Out a Window Screen

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Removing window screens from their frames can be tricky. Depending on how old your window frame is, this process may be straightforward or seemingly difficult. The steps to taking out most window screens are actually quite simple. If your screen is in need of replacement, repairs or cleaning, your screen will have to come out. Below are a few simple steps outlining how to do so.


How to Pop Out a Window Screen

Step 1

Find the pull tabs. Most screens have two tabs on each side (bottom left and right, top left and right) holding the screen in place in a track in your window frame.

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Step 2

Pull out the two bottom tabs (left and right) with your hand or a flat-head screwdriver and pull the bottom half of the screen out of the window frame's track. Do not pull too hard as the top two tabs are still in place and too much force will break the window screen's framing.


Step 3

Pull out the two top tabs and carefully remove the screen from your window frame. Your window screen is now ready for replacement, repair or cleaning.



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