How to Set a Westinghouse Christmas Light Timer

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A Westinghouse Christmas light timer is small device that will turn your Christmas lights on and off for you. All you have to do is plug strings of Christmas lights into it, follow some simple instructions and adjust a few settings.


Step 1

Set the current time and date by holding the "Time" button. Press the week, hour and minute buttons to adjust settings as needed.

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Step 2

Set on and off times for your Westinghouse Christmas light timer by pushing the "Prog" button. Using the week, hour and minute buttons, set a time to "1 On" for the lights to be scheduled to turn on.


Step 3

Press "Prog" again. Schedule the Christmas lights to turn off by pressing the week, hour and minute buttons and setting the program "1 Off."


Step 4

Press the "Time" button once to end programming and return to the current time.


Set up to eight different on and off times on the Westinghouse Christmas light timer by repeating the above steps and selecting the settings ‘"2 On," "2 Off," 3 On," "3 Off" and so on.

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